Taylor Futch is worried for her family. She's afraid they won't be able to pay their bills if the federal shutdown continues, she wrote in a tweet that went viral shortly before Christmas and again on Wednesday when she created a GoFundMe campaign.


Because her husband, a Great Smoky Mountains National Park Ranger, has been furloughed since the shutdown began, she said in her GoFundMe description.

The shutdown is poised to become the longest in history if it surpasses 21 days in length, and federal employees will miss a paycheck Friday if so.

"We have two beautiful girls, ages 4 months and 4 years," she wrote. "We have a mortgage, car payments, insurances, groceries, diapers, wipes, formula, gas, medications that we budget for every month. We have never asked for help, because we are responsible with our money. But we can only budget when money is coming in, and now we are holding our breath as we watch these clowns in DC use our family, as well as 800,000 others, as pawns."

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