The bad guys in these crimes scouted the sites, cut phone lines, then geared up for the break-ins and moved in around midnight. They are not rookies. "Just how it was planned out and how they acted and how they were dressed; a lot of times, here in Collegedale, we don't see things like that," said Detective Brandon Allen.

It was the end of December when the duo hit two places right around midnight. The first was the River City Pharmacy on Little Debbie Parkway. "It looks like they were going after cash," Det. Allen explained. "They actually, when they go in, they pulled the alarm panels off the wall. That way, most places, they still have the old alarm panels that dial-up rather than new cell towers."

An upgraded security system, though, called police. Surveillance video provides a look at them going through the pharmacy, which they had to leave empty-handed, as officers had already been dispatched. "Both of them had masks on, gloves and long sleeve shirts, and long pants. Actually, one even had booties on his shoes," Allen added. "They do have some type of radio or scanner that's attached to their chests. So, either they are using them as a walkie-talkie or a police scanner."

Those devices were likely how they knew to abandon this burglary and move on to the next just before police arrived. While officers were investigating at the drug store, the masked men were ripping an ATM out of the floor of a convenience store on Lee Highway. "You can look and see how they're walking," said Det. Allen. "One of them has a small limp. You can see how they're built. You can tell they're both males."

If you recognize them, or if you have been told about this crime, we would love to hear from you. "A lot of suspects, when they do something, they like to talk about it," Det. Allen said. "They like to brag about it. So, someone knows." Whether you got your information first or second hand, or read it on social media, what you know could lead to a nice lump of money for the new year.

Up to $1,000 reward is waiting for your good tip. The Crime Stoppers hotline is manned 24/7 and we will never ask your name or who you are. So, these two guys in the video will never know you turned them in. Call anytime: 698-3333