Being in the news business, a premium is placed on grammar. What is an example of bad grammar that just drives you crazy. Jeff from Ringgold called in.

He said, "My 3 Cents relates to bad grammar. Last night there was a commercial on TV  for whitening teeth. The dentist referred to those teeth as 'yellower"'. I mean there’s a thousand things. We are just lazy in the way that we use our grammar, but  'yellower' is the newest thing that I’ve heard that drives me crazy.”

Jeff got more upsetter than I thought he would on that one.

And you sounded off on Facebook also. Lexi said, “They’re, their, and there being wrong. To, two, and too being wrong. Chester drawers. Sale and sell.”

Denise chimed in with, “When someone says irregardless, it’s regardless!”

Michelle gets chaffed when she hears “'I seen it' instead of 'I saw it' or 'I had seen it'".

Melanie’s bugaboo is, “Could care less. I hate that one!!! It's I couldn't care less!!!!

Curtis offered, “it also annoys me when people put two spaces after a period. I fully understand it dates back to the days of typewriters, but it’s now seen as improper by the major style guides and publishers.

Curtis, you just changed my life. I had no idea. I looked that one up. The 2 spaces were needed because letters on the typewriter all occupied the same space.  An “I” took up as much room as a “w”.  So 2 spaces at the end helped separate the sentence. 

Well, here’s my 3 Cents. I don’t care. I’m going to keep double spacing. This entire STORY is double spaced. (Editor's note: Not anymore!)

And while we’re having fun in this forum (yes, I started this sentence with a conjunction) be careful about being the grammar police, especially on social media. People typically don’t know (or care) that they’re using poor grammar, and if you see fit to correct them be ready to have someone shine the “Bluebook of Punctuation and Grammar” spotlight on you. And then where would you be at? I’m kidding. I know a preposition is something you never end a sentence with. 

And finally, is there anything that is more useless, unnecessary, and repetitive than the Oxford comma? I think not! That's my 3 Cents! 

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