We are only eight days into the new year and we've already had five traffic fatalities in Chattanooga.

The latest incident involved a 2-year-old boy at a gas station on Wilcox Boulevard Monday.

“It's horrific to be honest with you,” said Sgt. Justin Kilgore.

Anwoiane Calloway was charged because police say he hit the boy and took off. He called police a short time later to turn himself in.

Last week, a man died of injuries from a two-vehicle crash on East Third Street. The next day another man died trying to pass a tractor-trailer on East 23rd Street.

Thirty minutes later, two people were killed in a crash at East Main Street and South Holtzclaw Avenue. Police say the driver responsible, 26-year-old Dwight Turner, is on the run. He is described as 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing 190 pounds. He has brown eyes and black hair.

Sgt. Kilgore says he's concerned.

Last year his team worked 27 deadly crashes. The year before, they worked 24.

“I'm afraid of the numbers we have now, but I'm not afraid of the future because I know we have guys that are going to work hard to try to prevent from occurring,” said Sgt. Kilgore. “There are some things that we cannot prevent, but there is a lot that we can.”

Things like texting, or using your phone at all, drinking and driving and speeding.

“It the same thing we talk about all of the time, but people always think well it's not going to affect me or I can do it. Well, we're going to show you that you just can't.”

Sgt. Kilgore says it's going to take more than police tickets and even lives taken to make a change.

“It's going to take individuals stepping up to the plate and helping others understand why they should do things the right way.”