Good Tuesday.  Big changes in our weather will be visiting the Tennessee Valley.  Let's start with today.  It is a warm and cloudy start with temps in the 50s this morning.  With the clouds, we are also getting a few light drizzles.  This will last through the early afternoon, then we will see skies beginning to clear.  Highs today will manage to make it into the mid 60s.  Enjoy because as skies clear much colder air will be moving in for the rest of the week.

Wednesday will sport sunshine and chilly air all day.  We will start with temps in the mid 30s, and only climb to a chilly 48 in the afternoon.  Winds will also be a little blustery blowing from the north at 10-15 mph.

Thursday and Friday will be flat out cold.  Both days we will start in the mid 20s!  Thursday we will only make it to 43, and Friday 47 will be the high.  Both days will be mostly sunny.

Overnight Friday into Saturday morning we will see clouds and maybe some light rain moving in.  Fortunately, we will be a bit warmer Saturday morning with temps in the mid 30s.  Still, it will be cold enough possibly to allow some of the light rain to transition into a light wintry mix in some higher elevations.  That won't last long.  Temps will rise into the upper 40s through the day Saturday.  The rain will continue through the day and into the evening hours.  It will be heavy at times.  After all is said and done we will have 1" to 1.5" of rain in the gauge before all is said and done Saturday.

A few sprinkles may linger into Sunday morning.  Temps will be a little warmer in the upper 30s so it would just be light rain.  We will be clearing through the day Sunday with the high reaching a chilly 48.

For the latest, download the WRCB weather app.     David Karnes


  • 8am... Cloudy/Sprinkles, 53
  • Noon... Few Sprinkles, 61
  • 5pm... Partly Cloudy, 66