UPDATE: Dallas Bay Skypark officials confirm to Channel 3, the plane at the center of the search on Chickamauga Lake took off from that airport, where it was based. 

Airport officials say at least two people were on board at takeoff but officials say they couldn't see if anyone was in the backseat of the plane.

The plane was taking a "scenic flight" and not headed to another city. 

Reports of a plane crash came in shortly after 1:30pm on Monday.

Crews have been searching for the plane ever since.

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PREVIOUS UPDATE: Emergency responders will continue searching for a small airplane in Chickamauga Lake again Tuesday morning.

The search started around 2:00pm Monday afternoon.

Emergency responders found pieces of the plane floating in the water.

"We were in the area when this happened. We heard the motor rev up and we heard an explosion. It's probably going to be confirmed I'm just attempting to locate,” first responders said over radio traffic Channel 3 obtained from Broadcastify.  

Radio traffic between emergency responders allows us to listen in to the moments right after a 911 caller reported seeing a plane crash into Chickamauga Lake.

"A caller said he was sitting in his house, saw a small plane crash into a lake," said first responders over the radio.

Nearly half a dozen agencies responded to help search the lake where crews found debris from a small plane floating in the water.

The fuselage is believed to likely be at the bottom of the lake.

Crews are searching in areas up to forty feet deep but had to pull back due to strong currents.

"We don't want to put our rescue personnel in the water with divers if the river is very active,” said Amy Maxwell, Hamilton County EMS spokesperson.

"The water is extremely choppy,” echoed Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Matt Lea, “It's very rough right now on the boats trying to get out there and stabilize to get divers in the water. So we're not attempting to do that right now."

The NTSB has been called in to help investigate.

We still don't know what type of plane crews are searching for or who was on board. Those are questions they hope to answer when the search continues

PREVIOUS STORY: Debris from a small aircraft has been found floating in Lake Chickamauga.

Rescue agencies from Sale Creek Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), Dallas Bay VFD and STARS responded to Hobo Bluff, which is near Lee Pike, North Soddy Daisy area.

Rescue crews put boats in the water around 2:15pm, searching for the possible plane crash location.

By 2:48 pm, rescue crews confirmed debris from a small aircraft was floating in the water and moving south very rapidly.

Rescue personnel reported the water was very rough with 3-4 foot waves.

Since the crash site consists of searching 30 feet of deep water, windy conditions and rough waters, rescue crews headed back to dry land.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Marine Patrol and Dive Team are currently on the water searching for the rest of the small aircraft.

PREVIOUS STORY:  Search and rescue crews are working along the Tennessee River after reports of a plane crash emerged about 1:34pm Monday afternoon.

Crews have been searching the water and ground for signs of the aircraft.

The crews are searching the area around Lee Pike near Sale Creek. A media staging area has been set up at Camp Vesper Point.

Channel 3 has a crew at the scene and will update this developing story.