Fans are warning others about a new social media scam. The scam may be newer, but the objective is still the same.

In recent weeks, fans have been contacted by what appears to be a celebrity they follow on social media sites like Twitter.

The account will follow them back, then send them a message.

“They are going to want to use the celebrities name to get your attention, to make you feel good to make you be responsive,” said Jim Winsett. “To me, that comes back as could this really be true.”

Once they start messaging back and forth, the person behind the account will ask for various amounts of money or gift cards.

Multiple people have already given thousands of dollars for the scam.

“It's so easy for people to hack into accounts, and get certain information in the ability to communicate,” said Winsett.

Jim Winsett, with the Chattanooga BBB, says because social media is becoming more popular scams like these are increasing.

He says before you decide to reply, check to make sure the account is real.

“You need to validate the authenticity of that address bar just hovering above it to see if it's going to that name,” said Winsett.

Winsett says if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is a scam.

You should be alarmed if someone asks for money to be sent immediately.

“That should raise red flags all over the place,” said Winsett. “People just need to think through these giving situations.”

Also, be sure to check for the blue check that denotes an account has been verified by Facebook or Twitter.