For Dennis Craig of Hohenwald, it cost him $2,030.

For a woman in Rock Hill, S.C., the price was higher: $160,000.

Both had their bank accounts drained after they started following celebrities on social media.

Nashville NBC affiliate WSMV's News4 I-Team found scammers are creating nearly identical or ghost twitter accounts to mirror celebrities’ profiles.

“You just feel used,” Craig said.

Using those fake accounts, the scammers follow the real celebrities’ fans, so it appears the celebrity is in fact following the fan.

Craig was excited when he saw Tim McGraw’s profile was following him and was blown away when he got a direct message.

“He asked how I was doing," Craig said. "I told him that I just recently lost my job. He asked how can he help me."

Citing McGraw’s philanthropic work, Craig said he wasn’t surprised at the gesture.

“You must have thought, this really can't be Tim McGraw?” asked the News4 I-Team.

“I thought there was a chance of it. My wife says one of my biggest faults is that I'm too trusting,” Craig said.

Using a classic scam, the profile of McGraw then offered to send a check to help, and that all Craig had to do was deposit it and in turn send a portion of that money to someone else.

As soon as the scammer got access to Craig’s account, he wiped it out.

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