The video of a North Georgia man shooting and killing a dog is still under investigation by the Murray County Sheriff's Office.

On Friday, January 4th, multiple people responded on social media.

The shooter says he was trying to do the right thing, by putting it down claiming the dog had parvovirus.

After Channel 3 spoke with the shooter, we took his claims to Riverview Animal Hospital to see if any of this could have been prevented.

Tai Fredrico, the founder of the animal hospital and practicing veterinarian says, "There is no reason for any dog in America to have parvovirus anymore, the vaccines have gotten so good, I haven't seen a vaccine failure in 15-20 years now."

Fredrico says if the shooter's claims are true, parvovirus could have been fatal.

It’s a common disease in dogs that attacks the intestines and immune system.

He says hearing about the video disturbs him and says there is a better way to put an animal down.

Fredrico says, "The most humane way is to take it to the vet or have the vet come to your house and through a series of injections we can take an awake animal and we give them medicine that makes them fall asleep, just very peacefully, very calmly. Once they are completely asleep they are basically anesthetized, the last shot, the final shot stops their heart."

The Murray County Animal Shelter also responded on Facebook to the video saying:

"We are aware and sickened by the Facebook video that has surfaced of the man shooting a dog. We take any cruel action made toward the animals in this county very seriously.

With that being said this case has been turned over to the Murray County Sheriff’s Office for investigation. Please give the Detectives time to investigate the matter and trust that they will take the appropriate action.

We will update as we are given any information that can be made public."

~Lisa Green, Director 
Murray County Animal Control

According to the state of Georgia, it is illegal to shoot a dog, unless a person is defending themselves or their property.

The Murray County Sheriff's Office is set to arrest two suspects in this case sometime next week.

Channel 3 has reached out the person who shot the video and posted it on Facebook, but we have not heard back.