A sighting of an uncommon species of skunk in Bledsoe County has the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency asking everyone to be on the lookout.

An Eastern Spotted Skunk was seen on a trail camera.

This particular skunk is "considered a species of greatest conservation need in Tennessee," according to the TWRA.

The TWRA describes the skunk as  "a medium-sized, stout-bodied mammal with a small head, short legs, and a prominent, bushy tail.   The long, glossy, black fur has white stripes along the neck, back, and sides to mid-body.  Behind these are vertical white stripes or broken stripes (which appear as spots).   White spots also occur on the forehead and in front of each ear.   The eyes are small and the ears are short. Tail is black, but sometimes has a white tip."

If you come across one an Eastern Spotted Skunk, the TWRA asks that you call 931-456-3064 to speak with the Tennessee Valley's wildlife diversity coordinator or upload information online.