The Chattanooga Housing Authority continues to try to help Chatt City Suites residents who still need housing.

Those who stayed at the long-term hotel have less than a month to find somewhere new to live.

Throughout the week, a representative from Chattanooga Housing Authority has been assisting Chatt City Suites residents to find a new home.

“We just saw that there weren't a lot of housing options,” said Tammie Carpenter. “For our public housing, we do have some units available, but it's just not enough.”

Friday, they have passed out a hundred vouchers to those being forced out of the long-term stay hotel.

Tammie Carpenter, the CHA voucher director, says the value of the voucher depends on the person.

“Depending on where they use it by ZIP Code area, and household composition,” said Carpenter.

The voucher will be given to the landlord has partial payment, and the resident has to come up with the other portion.

Carpenter says this option is the best because time is ticking for these residents to find a new place.

“You can use those for rental subsidies to find somewhere to live,” said Carpenter. “It's just one resource that CHA has.”

CHA representatives have already collected some applications, but now they have to see who's eligible.

“We will have to do criminal background checks,” said Carpenter. “We need to make sure they do not owe any prior balance to the housing authority, and we can work with them in that case. We also do income eligibility.”

The owner of the hotel sold the property, and it's still unclear what the new owner will do with the building.