UPDATE: At least six women have received calls from a man claiming their husbands are having an affair with his wife.

Dunlap police said the man tries to lure the women into meeting him in person, but his intentions are not clear.

Chief Clint Huth said the man knew the women’s names and was able to describe their husband’s physical appearances. He says the man claimed to have video proof of an affair their husbands are having with his wife. He then asked the women to meet him in person so they can watch the video.

In some cases, Chief Huth said the man has hung up when hearing a man’s voice.

“He actually knows them and is possibly stalking them, and that's what makes it alarming for us,” Chief Huth said.

Chief Huth said it came to their attention earlier this week after two women reported the calls. After sharing a warning on Facebook, more women came forward. Chief Huth said some women got the same call a year ago.

Chief Huth believes these women are being targeted. He says the caller is calling the women on their landlines. Each victim’s number is listed in the phonebook. He believes social media may also be a factor in collecting details about their husbands.

Chief Huth said he contacted the FBI and is treating this as a sexual predator case.

“Is it a prank? Is it a scam? He has never asked for any money from anyone that has gotten that far in conversation with him, but why these women? What is that common denominator in the females that he has called?” Chief Huth questioned.

The man uses fake names, but ones that are common in the Sequatchie Valley area. He claims to live in Dunlap and Bledsoe County. He also claims to be in the trucking industry and rich.

Chief Huth said the women described him as an older man with a southern accent.

“I'm not going to rule out that he's from outside the area, but I would think that this is someone here in the Sequatchie Valley.”

If you receive a similar call, call 423-949-3319

PREVIOUS STORY: Police in Dunlap say that a new, and scary phone scam is popping up.

In a Facebook post, police say at least 3 local women have received calls from a man who claims their husband is having an affair with his wife.

The man also says he has videos of the affair and asks the woman to meet him so they can watch the video.

To make things even more worrisome, man will give a fictitious name, but calls the women by their name and physically describes their husbands’ appearance.

Police say there are some variations in the calls, but the man has claimed to live in Dunlap as well as Bledsoe County and claims to be involved in the trucking industry and extremely wealthy.

So far, police say the male caller has not asked for any money.

If you receive such a call, contact law enforcement. Don't offer personal information and police say you should never agree to meet an unknown person.