A Fort Oglethorpe restaurant, featured for failing in Channel 3's Restaurant Report Card, failed inspection again.

Kobe Hibachi Sushi was shut down in November after scoring a 31 on their health inspection. Inspectors noted roaches, cross-contamination, and say the restaurant was misrepresenting the fish it was serving.

Last week, the restaurant failed with a score of 67.

Health inspectors found some of the same issues reported in their November inspection.

The manager says he plans to keep the doors open while he fixes the issues.

Live roaches, grease build-up, and raw chicken stored with french fries were just a few of the issues health inspectors say they found on December 28.

"We're currently still in the process of working with ownership to educate them on some of the risks we've found not only in this past inspection but in previous inspections," says Clay Tracy with the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Tracy says the restaurant closed in November and inspectors returned to find improvements, but a third inspection revealed new issues.

"We closed and then after the closing, the inspection was very good, and then some things were overlooked," says restaurant manager Copper Lin.

Inspectors also noted food debris on clean dishes, missing hand soap in the kitchen, and chemical powder on the walls and floors that is not approved for use inside a restaurant.

"We eat here quite a bit. I was shocked to hear that they failed it. We just ate here Friday night and it was awesome," resident Angel Thompson says. "If they're not up to par, it will make you sick."

Tracy says the decision to shut a restaurant down is decided on a case by case basis.

Because many of the violations on the list were fixed on site, Kobe is not in danger of closing.

The manager told Channel 3 the doors will stay open and changes will be made.

"We requested the health department to come in and train our employees," Lin says.

The health department says it is safe to eat at Kobe following their last inspection.

Tracy says the inspector will return for a follow-up visit in the next few days.

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