UPDATE: Two Childcare Network employees have been fired over cell phone video that captured a young boy hitting another child and a teacher encouraging the behavior inside the daycare on Gunbarrel Road.

The video, shared with Channel 3, shows the child hitting another child on the head the several times as another employee recorded the incident with her phone. The video also shows two children slapping each other on the face as teachers watched.

Pauleth Gallardo says a family member saw the video on Snapchat, showing her 2-year-old daughter in the red shirt, Litzy, being hit by another child.

She filed a complaint and pulled her child from the daycare on Gunbarrel Road, but says she wants more to be done for those who remain.

In the video, you can see Litzy being hit by a classmate and then defending herself.

Gallardo says, "Yeah, my daughter fought back because she was defending herself. But they were encouraging it instead of stopping it."

Gallardo says she was never notified of the incident by the daycare and says she is afraid of how this will affect her daughter.

"There was a time where my daughter would come home and hit her sister or my sister and I would be like why are you hitting her, this is not like you,” explained Gallardo.

In the video, we also see the same teachers encouraging another incident.

Gallardo says she was relieved to hear that the teachers seen encouraging the violence have been fired, but she wants more to be done.

Gallardo says, "We all pay the consequences. I just hope Childcare Network can do something and get better surveillance for the future so their business won't go down."

Gallardo says she is in the process of talking to an attorney about what additional steps can be taken.

Childcare Network spokesperson Kami Dykes says the incident has been reported to the state licensing board. She says Childcare Network will fully cooperate with the board.

Dykes sent Channel 3 the following statement in an email:

“The safety and well-being of our children is our number one priority. We were very saddened and upset to see that our teacher failed to respond quickly or appropriately to this incident between children.  We have high standards for helping children correct their behaviors and deal with frustrations and we have trained our staff in how to guide children toward solutions.  Both teachers in this classroom have been terminated for failing to adhere to company policies and best practices regarding the safety and education of young children.  We serve thousands of children each day and this is not indicative of the high-quality experiences that we provide across the country for the many families that put their trust in us.  We will continue to seek the highest caliber teachers as we go forward as the actions of these two employees do not represent our collective standards, what is in our hearts, or the philosophy of our team of educators.”


Channel 3 reached out to the Tennessee Department of Human Services to see if they are investigating this incident. 

"I can tell you the director of Childcare Network did report the incident to us.  At this point we are currently in the process of investigating, a spokesperson said."

This isn't the first time Channel 3 has covered an incident at Childcare Network.

In October, a teacher at the same location was fired after being accused of biting a child.

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