A Dalton family is still recovering after three children were hurt in a severe car accident back in October.

Jenny Mack’s children were in the car with a family friend when his vehicle hydroplaned, crossed three lanes and hit another vehicle.

Mack says the biggest challenge the family faces isn't the physical therapy or not having a vehicle, it's how they move on mentally from the day that changed their lives forever.

"You know, everybody has appointments, everyone has this and everyone has that. But if we wake up and it’s a good day, it's a good day. And if not, it's not,” Mack said.

Mack, a single mother of four, says the phone call she got about her kids being in a car accident changed their lives forever.

"You know, none of us can talk about it and not cry. You just can't," Mack said. 

Three of her four kids suffered life-threatening injuries when the SUV they were in hydroplaned and hit another car.

Her three youngest children were taken to different hospitals.

Nysia, Omaria, and Talyn were on life support for several days. Jenny says those were the toughest days of her life.

"But how do you choose not to leave the hospital to go to another hospital where two of your kids are at? Or to a different hospital where your other daughter's at? Where you grand baby's at?” Mack said.

Nysia and Omaria recovered, but Tayln's battle was far from over. He suffered severe brain damage and doctors told Jenny they weren't sure how much longer he had. He was taken off life support in November and survived.

Today, Tayln is back home.

"You know, I’ve had 40 doctors tell me that he was going to die within hours, or days,” Mack recalled.

Though they have a difficult road ahead, Jenny says the love and support from her family and the people of Dalton will help them get by.

"I don't know what I would do without the people that's been there," Mack said.

Jenny's family members are still looking for anybody who can help out.

Park Creek Elementary will have a 5k run on January 12, to help raise money for the family.

Click here to make a donation to the family through GoFundMe.

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