It's that time of year when potholes pop up on roadways, but this year is a little different compared to years past.

Crews with Chattanooga Public Works took advantage of a break in the rain to fix potholes on city streets.

It's a problem city and state transportation crews tackle every year.

And this year, Tennessee Department of Transportation Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn said it's the rain, not the cold that's causing them.

"The rain can get under the asphalt, if there's been a pothole that's been previously patched, it can get under and loosen that. Also, the freeze/thaw cycle contributes to the formation of potholes," she said.

It's the job of teams like this one to find potholes and fill them using a material called a cold mix that is designed to fill the hole temporarily until the conditions are right for a permanent fix.

This year, Flynn said the number of potholes is down compared to years past because it's warmer and resurfacing projects on some of Chattanooga's most traveled roads like Highway 153, Brainerd Road and East Brainerd Road are complete.

"A lot of the areas that were potholing, we've got a new surface on so that's been definitely helpful," she added.

But when one does pop up, crews are ready to make sure your ride around town is as smooth as possible.

If you know of a pothole that needs to be filled you can report it, it just depends on where it is.

If you're in Chattanooga city limits, call 311 or use the 311 app, available for Android or iPhone devices.

If you're on the interstate, call TDOT on 511.