Wednesday morning the Chatt City Suites Motel held a housing fair with organizations to help residents find permanent housing.

Joyce Woodard, the general manager at the extended stay motel, told residents they must be out of their rooms by the end of this month.

Last week residents were faced with the notice to be out of their rooms.

Woodard says she is doing everything in her power to provide her residents with permanent housing options.

Valerie Roush moved into Chatt City Suites about eight months ago.

During the week of Christmas, Roush not only found out she had to find a new place to stay, but she also lost her job.

“I don't have all the answers, but I know that Jesus does,” said Valerie Roush.

In less than a month, the long-term stay hotel will be closing.

Roush and almost 200 other residents are now looking for more permanent housing options.

She says getting qualified for a place to live can be difficult.

“Maybe they don't have credit to get the lights, water, and everything else. Here it's just one step, and everything is done,” said Roush.

Theresa Biggs is one of the counselors working to get people on the waiting list for public housing.

She says the process is about understanding to a person's need.

“What can they afford?” said Theresa Biggs. “What are they looking to do? Because right now they are pretty anxious. So I'm hoping to help.”

There is no estimate on how long the housing waiting list is, but that does not stop Biggs from ending each session with a prayer, hopeful the residents will find permanent housing....or at least somewhere to stay while they wait.

“Do they have alternative places to go?” said Biggs. “Do they have a family? Because there's no such thing as immediate emergency housing.”

The previous owner sold the property, and at this time the future for the Chatt City Suits is unclear.