UPDATE: A Cleveland couple gained a lot of attention on social media when they decided to donate their newborn baby's organs.

Rylei Arcadia, just one week old, died on New Year's Eve her parents, Krysta Davis and Derek Lovett donated her organs to save others.

She died of a rare brain disorder called Anencephaly. It’s a condition where the brain doesn’t fully develop.

Clarissa Tilley, the owner of C. Tilley photography,  was so touched by their strength, she has been doing everything in her power to share their story.

Clarissa Tilley said, “Rylei gets to save two babies now, who have been on a list for god knows how long and that just kills me."

Tilley created a Facebook page for the family to encourage organ donation.

Tilley documented Rylei's journey while her own husband, Dillan is battling a rare form of leukemia.

Dillan Tilley said, "I am proud of her for it, I am really proud of her. I am glad she is doing the things that she is doing and helping others."

Clarissa Tilley said, "He was my big inspiration on this, after the diagnosis I decided I wanted to do something else for someone. I would want to give something that I would want in return if I was in a position like that and the only thing I can offer is my photography. “

She called on other photographers to help at the end when Tilley wasn't able to be at the hospital, within moments Autumn Cleek and Kaitlyn Witzel took up Tilley's cause. Cleek saying she was happy she could help.

Cleek saying she was happy she could help.

Autumn Cleek said, "They have taken something devastating and made it beautiful, I mean what an extraordinary act of kindness, they've done and you don't get to see that every day."

Both Cleek and Tilley are inspired by Krysta’s strength. 

Tilley said, "She took every day and just ran with it, you know we could hardly get her away to leave the room, she just wanted to stay there with Rylei and it was just beautiful… that baby knew so much love. Cherish everything, love your family, and love the people around you.

Tilley is in the process of doing more photoshoots in honor of Rylei.

The proceeds will go to a heart stone and a memory book that will be given to the family.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Cleveland couple gained a lot of attention on social media when they decided to donate their newborn baby's organs.

Krysta Davis and Derek Lovett's daughter, Rylei Arcadia, passed away on New Year's Eve at Erlanger due to complications from anencephaly.

Davis suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is a condition that makes pregnancy difficult.

The couple was told if they carried the baby full term, they could donate Rylei's organs and possibly arrange to meet with the kids who receive them.

Photographer Clarisa Tilley heard the couple's story and spent countless hours taking photo's and creating a Facebook page in Rylei's honor.