New laws are set to take effect in just a few hours.

They range from how states tax online retailers to immigration and alcohol.

Channel 3 is taking a look at three laws in Georgia and Tennessee that could have the biggest impact on you.

It will cost a little more to buy items online in Georgia starting January 1, 2019.

Georgia is one of half a dozen states that will start enforcing sales tax laws on some out-of-state retailers.

The Peach state will collect a 4-percent sales tax from online retailers who make at least $250,000 or 200 sales a year.

Most of the new laws in Georgia are already in effect, they started in July, like a ban on using your phone while driving.

In Tennessee, a new law bans local governments from having sanctuary policies for people living in the country illegally.

A new law says if an ultrasound is performed before an abortion in Tennessee, the woman must be given the opportunity to learn the results.

Grocery stores can start selling wine on Sundays in Tennessee, but the new law prohibits the sale of alcohol on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.