Around the country, people will celebrate the New Year by shooting fireworks.

It's estimated that nearly 13,000 in the U.S. people required emergency medical treatment for fireworks injuries last year.

This is why it's important for you to know the laws, and safety tips this New Year.

East Ridge Assistant Chief of Police Stan Allen says people can be fined for doing their own fireworks this New Year.

“Fireworks are illegal in East Ridge,” said Stan Allen. “So, you should not be using the fireworks in the city of East Ridge.”

Seth Miller with the Chattanooga Fire Department says fireworks can be dangerous.

Fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires per year, according to the Nation Fire Protection Association.

“Fires have been caused, and structures fires have been caused by improper use of fireworks.

"So, we always stress to leave it to the professionals,” said Seth Miller.

Fire officials suggest keeping a bucket of water, or garden hose nearby if you plan on shooting fireworks just in case of a fire.

It's best to soak all used fireworks in water before you throw them away.

Miller says even the smallest fireworks, like sparklers, can cause injuries.

“Sparklers burn at several thousand degrees,” said Miller. “They're beautiful and fun. People do get burn injuries every single year.”

Allen encourages everyone to have a good time for New Year's Eve and reminds them to stay safe.

“It's a holiday where some drinking goes on. Fireworks should not be used while people are drinking,” said Stan Allen.

Allen also says officers are cracking down on drunk drivers New Year’s Eve.

Remember to be courteous because fireworks are not fun for everyone.

They can be stressful for combat veterans and pets.

If you are going to shoot fireworks, they cannot be used within 100 yards of a gas station, jail, hospital, or nursing home.