In Walker County, Sunday, December 30th marked the first day stores and restaurants were officially able to sell alcohol on Sunday.

Pie Slingers Pizzeria in Rock Spring, Georgia is one of the first eateries to start selling alcohol on Sunday.

The pizza restaurant hopes selling beer with its pizza will bring a little bit more competition to the area.

Jennifer McSpadden owns Pie Slingers and said, "it's not going to be life changing immediately, but I feel like its going to grow and grow and grow."

McSpadden said being able to sell alcohol on Sundays will help her business and others.

She said without it, customers will go to other areas, like Chattanooga or Catoosa County, taking away business that could have been in Walker County.

“It’s a sales issue with restaurants if they can't sell alcohol on Sundays and they don't want to be open. Sundays are usually major family outing days and so chain restaurants, larger restaurants won't even entertain it," McSpadden added.

McSpadden also brews her own beer on-site and said being able to sell it on Sundays helps customers enjoy their pizza just a little bit more.

“They just kind of go together very well together. Maybe it's the flavor of the maltiness of the beer and the flavor of the crust, “ McSpadden said.

McSpadden said with this new ordinance, residents shouldn't think her values will change.

If you wish to learn how to get your own alcohol selling permit, visit the planning office in Rock Spring.

Retail and grocery stores are now able to sell packaged alcohol and wine on Sundays from 12:30 pm. until 11:30 pm.