Tennessee’s Department of Health will soon have a hotline to report suspected opioid abuse.

News4 has been telling you how Governor Bill Haslam has made a big effort to fight the opioid epidemic in the state with his TN Together initiative.

Opioid abuse can impact anyone. Evan Radtke remembers being introduced to Oxycontin in college.

"I think a friend asked me three times and the third time I was like 'alright, I'll try it.' from then, I got pretty hooked on it pretty quick," Radtke said.

He's been sober for almost five years. Radtke now works as a treatment specialist for Addiction Campuses in Nashville.

"We're that family friend that they can rely on to say this is what we're going to help you do,” Radtke said.

A law that goes into effect on January 1 provides another resource.

It creates a toll-free hotline to report suspected opioid abuse to Tennessee’s Department of Health.

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