A holiday staple might be missing from local dinner tables this holiday – collard greens. An article published in The Produce News recently found that there is a nationwide shortage of the popular side dish, which many associate with good luck on New Year’s Eve.

“Collard greens is huge down in the South, but for the holidays specifically we have the black eyed peas for pennies, we have collard greens for dollar bills,” said Victoria Turner, the manager of Paschal’s Restaurant, a popular soul food restaurant on Northside Drive.

NBC affiliate 11Alive’s Ashley Johnson drove around Atlanta to figure out what’s really going on – and found empty shelves at the Kroger on Howell Mill Road. The DeKalb Farmer’s Market didn’t have many greens, and a local Walmart only had a few bags.

Which means – the hunt for collard greens is real.

Two major hurricanes in 2018 – Florence and Michael – took a toll on crops in the Southeast, with an estimated economic loss of $18 billion. That loss is starting to be felt on a secondary level, with higher grocery prices or a lack of certain items, Forbes reported.

So back to the greens, ham hocks, seasoned salt and, perhaps a dash of sugar.

Paschal’s Restaurant whips up a mean batch of greens – and rest assured, they say they’ll be fine over the holiday.

“We were actually lucky enough to use Royal Food Service as our provider and they have been very proactive in communicating with us the status of the shortage,” Turner said. “We were lucky to only run out once.”

So what’s the solution to the collard shortage if you’re worried about making it rain in 2019? Pray, buy a lotto ticket or put a couple more greens into savings.