Chattanooga police say they have seen a significant drop in homicides in 2018.

Police report 21 homicides this year, compared to the 33 in 2017. In 2016 there were 36. 

Sgt. Adam Emery of violent and major crimes says there are multiple factors to credit for the drop in homicides and hopes progress continues into the New Year.

"We keep going and moving forward with where we are going forensically, where we are going technology wise, and that we also keep the trust with the public where they will want to reach out to us and let us know and give us the piece of information we need to know to solve crimes,” Emery said.

Emery says it's been a group effort by city officials and members of the community.

"Community involvement, certain programs and initiatives to approach things, implementing different technology that we need, and building that trust with the community. I mean, I believe that shows,” Emery said.

Officials say it's one of the biggest drops they've had in recent years.

"Which is a significant drop. It really is. With a few days left this year, we are looking at a pretty good year,” Emery said.

One piece of technology Emery credits is the new CPD cameras.

The video evidence police gather from these cameras has helped them solve 18 of the 21 homicides, which is more than 85%.

"I can't tell you how many homicides in the last 18 months that has given us pieces that we need to solve the cases,” Emery said.

Emery believes with everyone continuing this path, the Scenic City is heading into the right direction.

He urges the public to be involved as well, saying it takes a collective effort to make change.