There are many laws going into effect starting January 1, 2019, over two-dozen to be exact. However, here are the top five that will have the most impact.

Public schools being used as polling places - SB1399/HB1344 requires schools that are being used as polling places during a regular November election to be closed for instruction on election day. It permits the school to be used as an in-service day for school personnel. The closure must be listed in the calendar for election day, and must still maintain a school year of at least 180 days.

Alcoholic beverages - HB1540 authorizes the sale of alcoholic beverages and wine on Sundays during certain hours but prohibits sales on Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Revises other provisions relating to alcoholic beverages.

Abortion - HB0108 requires, in cases where an ultrasound is performed as part of an examination prior to an abortion, that the person who performs the ultrasound to offer the woman the opportunity to learn the results of the ultrasound. It also requires in reports of abortion an indication of whether or not a heartbeat was detected if the ultrasound is performed.

Immigration - HB2315 prohibits state and local government entities and officials from adopting sanctuary policies, and enacts other related provisions.

Water Pollution - SB0619 requires each local board of education to develop a policy to implement a program to reduce the potential sources of lead contamination in drinking water in public schools that incorporates periodic, not to exceed biennial, testing of lead levels in drinking water sources at school facilities that were constructed prior to January 1, 1998.

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