UPDATE: Flooding from the heavy rain in the Tennessee Valley created some issues for Cummings Highway on Friday.

TDOT crews completed a project in November to reduce the amount of flooding; however, the rising waters caused Exit 174 to close yet again.

The rain has been steadily falling since Thursday night.

TDOT spokesperson Jennifer Flynn says the consistent rainfall makes it difficult to keep water levels low.

Flynn says when Cummings Highway flooded before the project the whole intersection would be shut down for days. Now, it only closed the exit and one lane for a few hours.

She says this was a five-year temporary fix, because funding was limited. Flynn says plans for a permanent solution are in the works.

“That is a project that’s part of the Improve Act to widened I-24 and we will look at that interchange very closely,” Flynn said.

First responders encourage all drivers who see standing water on the roads to turn around don't drown.

PREVIOUS STORY: Twelve hours of near-constant rain on an already saturated Tennessee Valley has led to localized flooding in some areas.

A notorious spot on the west side of Chattanooga is the Cummings Highway ramps at Interstate 24. There a car was being pulled from the flooded area by a tow truck Friday morning.

Parts of Interstate 24 and US-27 experienced some ponding as well.

 Channel 3 viewers also report flooding off Baggett Road in Ringgold and Highway 341 near Chickamauga.