Many workers felt the impact of the partial government shutdown Wednesday as they returned to work for the first time since the government closed last week.

The looming question is, how long the shutdown will last?

President Trump says he's not letting up until he gets the funding he wants for the border wall.

"I can't tell you when the government is going to reopen. Not until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they'd like to call it. I'll call it whatever they want," President Trump said Tuesday.

Channel 3 asked District 3 Congressman Chuck Fleischmann on Wednesday if he thinks the president will get the funding he wants for the wall.

"I hope so. He has gotten some of the funding. Part of the wall has been built. It's a cornerstone of what he ran on. And I think it's important as part of our national security package," Fleischmann replied.

Fleischmann said he's optimistic that a deal can be reached earlier rather than later but said negotiations haven't been looking good.

"The Senate Democrats who had pledged $1.6 billion went back to $1.3 billion. So, instead of going up in the negotiations, they backed off of that. That's an untenable position, especially when you're dealing with President Trump. If you negotiate, then negotiate in good faith," Fleischmann added.

Channel 3 reached out to Senator Bob Corker Wednesday but did not hear back.

Corker has been pretty vocal during the shutdown saying on CNN'S State of the Union, "This is a made-up fight, so the president can look like he's fighting, but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure."

The Senate meets again on Thursday.

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