One woman is in jail after police say she tried to shoplift from a Dollar General Market in Fort Oglethorpe

Police say Elizabeth Posey left her daughter in the store while trying to run away from employees.

Posey is being charged with shoplifting, DUI and endangering a child and more.

In a police report, the arresting officer says Posey attempted to steal almost $200 worth of merchandise.

When an employee tried to stop her the report says Posey punched and slapped her.

As she was speeding off, she hit two vehicles. That's when Posey’s 8-year-old daughter jumped out of the vehicle and ran back into the store, fearing for her life.

The officer also noted in the report, Posey claimed that she didn't leave her child and says store employees took her and wouldn't give her back. 

Fort Oglethorpe Police Chief Mike Helton warns people to be cautious when intervening with a minor.

Chief Helton said, “Citizens often do not know what they are walking into and that could be hazardous, so you just need to be cautious."

Chief Helton says the same caution should be used when approaching anyone who they think is shoplifting.

Chief Helton said, "A citizen could intervene and not completely understand what was going on when they thought they just saw shoplifting. They've could of been wrong, but at the same time what if the store was already watching them anyway? What if something else is already going on? They just don't know. First and foremost notify store officials."

Posey is in the Catoosa County jail on a $13,000 bond. The grandfather of Posey’s daughter has taken custody of her.

Channel 3 reached out for more information from Dollar General, but the company declined to comment on the incident.

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