Many families spent the last couple of days opening presents.

But now, law enforcement agencies are encouraging everyone to be mindful of how you dispose of the boxes from your gifts. Some people are now putting the boxes from those gifts outside to be picked up with the trash.

Chief Mike Williams, of the Signal Mountain Police Department, says don't advertise what you got for Christmas by putting out boxes with brands and their contents on them.

Williams says to make sure passersby can't tell what you got this holiday season.

“Break it down, and put it inside of a trash bag, or inside another box that is plain,” said Mike Williams.

Williams says if the box is too big to break down, then you should make arrangements for it to be placed somewhere else.

“A dump where it will be taken to a landfill. We have one here on the mountain,” said Williams. “We also have a recycling center that will take your cardboard.”

Williams says you should pay attention to the gifts you leave visible near windows and doors.

He says this can make easy for your house to be a target to burglars.

“If you leave things as sitting around, and someone comes up on the porch, then they can see from the outside,” said Williams.

Williams also says social media can play a part in making yourself vulnerable as well.

“Put stuff like toys in your kids’ stuff. Anything more valuable you never know who is watching,” said Williams.

Williams says to also be aware of trash pickup. So that boxes don't have to sit out too long.