A Kansas City Royals' pitching prospect is winning Christmas this year with a major league gift for his parents.

Former Florida Gators standout Brady Singer, a first round draft pick for the Royals, signed a $4.25 million dollar contract over the summer, and he used that money for something very special.

Singer posted this emotional video to Twitter of his parents reading a letter he sent to them, along with a gift bound to warm the coldest of holiday hearts.

The note reads: 'The money you both spent on traveling, gear, hotel, food and all those Gatorades I drank is much more than I could ever give you. But there is something I want to give to you. 

I am paying off the loan from the bank. Also, I paid off all your debt as well. Now instead of trying to save money every week, you can replace the savings account you drained on traveling so that I can play baseball. You can spend it on yourselves.'

What parent wouldn't appreciate such a thoughtful gift?