Santa came a few days early this year for the community of Waldens Ridge bringing candy and the Christmas spirit.

Instead of reindeer, Fire trucks and ambulances honking their horns stopping by to see every child in Waldens Ridge.

Corey Shaw said, “My kids love it, it’s a good time of the year they've been really excited all day ready for Santa to come."

This is the first year Corey Shaw and his family was able to see Santa Ride with the Waldens Ridge Emergency Services.

Shaw's kids happy to tell Santa what they want for Christmas this year.

A firefighter with Waldens Ridge, Dax Turner said, "I just think this is a great way for us to interact with our community... To know our neighbors, especially the children that way they can get used to seeing us."

The 6-year volunteer firefighter veteran says Santa’s train helps responders gain the trust of the community and a great time for additional driver's training.

"Because we are all volunteers we don't get to drive up and down these roads all the time so this is a great opportunity for us to get that training and to get that time behind the wheel on our roads that way when it is an emergency we can respond safely,” said Turner.

In the end, Turner says bringing the holiday spirit makes it worthwhile.

The Waldens Ridge Emergency Services host Santa train every year the Sunday before Christmas.