Adoptions, like weddings and births, are to be celebrated, and what better time for a family to adopt than Christmas time.    

We love to share their stories, because of the happiness and because it may inspire another family to consider adoption.  

The Collins family is bigger by two this Christmas after a trip to the courthouse.  

"We've come here today at the end of the year to make final what has been de facto for a while, and that is that these two little girls are Collinses," Attorney Mike Jennings said.   

Adoptions happen in many different ways. Jackie and Andre`Collins, of Nashville, had been hoping to start a family together when they learned of a birth mom in Atlanta who wanted to find the right couple to adopt her newborn twins.  

"That happened on a Tuesday," Jackie Collins said. "On Saturday, I was there meeting her and I got to meet the twins for the first and held them and just knew they were my babies."

They opened their home and hearts last December, and exactly one year later, the adoption was becoming official. The parents were sworn in and documents signed. And Jiselle and Joelle seemed to enjoy it all, along with their new grandmother, Wellyn Collins.

"It was one of those times in life you don't want to miss. It's a special occasion," Wellyn Collins said.

They now have a half-sister, Jazz, who made the trip from Cincinnati.

"And we all agreed it would be something she would remember forever," Wellyn Collins said.

"They have found a wonderful home," Judge Bennett said. 

Judge Bennett said adoptions make happy days in the courtroom. 

"They will have the opportunity to grow up completely in one environment, a nurturing, caring, loving environment which is a wonderful story for all of us," Judge Bennett added.

Andre tell me what's going through your mind right now. I just see you with so much patience.

"Well, you got to have patience," Andre said. "I am officially outnumbered by a lot, but it's cool. We get by. I'm pretty good at this." 

"And here we have them as part of our family this Christmas," Wellyn Collins added.

"It is a Christmas present for everyone today, yes," Judge Bennett said.

"You think about the birth of Jesus, Christmas, It's just a great time of year, and I love Christmas anyway, so, yes it's a blessing," Wellyn Collins said.

"It's all about waiting on God's timing, you know," Jackie Collins said. "You wonder when the time is ever right, and this was something we never questioned. You know, we never thought that we should wait and keep trying. when we heard about the girls we knew that this was all God. We knew that this was right."