Camp Jordan will undergo renovations at the beginning of 2019.

Baseball and softball fields are expected to get new fences and bleachers.

The soccer stadium will put in synthetic turf.

New Parks and Recreation Director Adam Wilson said the new renovations will help bring in people from outside the Tennessee Valley.

"We also want to be a destination spot for tournaments so we can have individuals spend money in our city. We want them to stay here and purchase things and eat in our restaurants,” Wilson said.

Wilson has only been director for three months and said these renovations are exactly what Camp Jordan's fields need.

"We feel like these renovations will put our park back on the map, and we will be as relevant as any park in the Tennessee Valley,” Wilson said.

The concessions stand inside Camp Jordan Arena will also be completely renovated.

The East Ridge City Council approved the $2.3 million proposal earlier this month. 

Work is slated to begin in January.

If all goes as planned, the renovations should be done in time for summer tournaments, a time of year Wilson said could be beneficial for East Ridge.

"We hope to partner with those establishments and help them out, and in return, they help us out,” Wilson said.

Community members are eager for the upcoming changes.

Wilson hopes a newly renovated park will bring more than just money to East Ridge.

"People are really going to look at this park and say 'wow, look where we were and look at where we are at now.' And I think this will be a park that people will be really proud of for years to come,” Wilson said.

The renovations are expected to be finished within 240 days.