In this week's case, we have a clear look at our suspect's face as he rifles through a vehicle.

"The quality of cameras and technology is getting better and better," said Chattanooga Police Detective Brad Brown, "and this is really good images of this person."

It is worth a reminder, right up front: we will never ask your name if you provide a tip to the identity of the guy in pictures and video. Up to $1,000 is on the table.

The video comes from the overnight hours, last week. "We had an auto burglary that occurred in the East Brainerd area," Det. Brown explained. "We had a male that went up to a car and entered the vehicle to take several items." >

This burglary was said to have happened on Georgetown Lane. "The victim actually had a camera placed inside the vehicle," Brown continued, "and you can tell, the whole time the offender is in there getting the items, he has no idea of the camera. He looks right over it several times."

These kinds of cases are usually difficult to solve. "Most of the time, we don't have any evidence to go by unless they maybe take some credit cards and do secondary crimes, or somebody has something missing and nobody sees anything," Det. Brown said. "But, with the camera in the car, they were able to give us good images of the offender to possibly be able to identify the person."

Chances are if you know this person, you have already recognized him. "He's wearing a hoodie," said Brown, "but the images are so good, you know, if he is from Chattanooga, then I'm very confident someone will recognize this person."

Your anonymous tip can win you a reward and could help solve other crimes. "Usually, we'll have, we can find out cases they've done in the past, in the same area, other areas," Brown agreed. "And usually they don't just break into one car during the night. They may break in others."

The guy in the photos and video looks to be still young. Help him reset his life path. "We always hope that anybody that is arrested can be rehabilitated," Det. Brown said. "That's our main goal. Hopefully, they'll go out to the future, it would be to contribute to the community instead of committing crime. That's our ultimate goal."

Save his next potential victims a lot of trouble and make yourself some honest cash for the new year. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

That line is manned 24/7 and we will never ask who you are.