Several Cleveland High School students suspended after a basketball tournament are accused of sneaking out of a hotel to engage in sexual activity.

Cleveland City School officials say all 12 basketball players broke curfew while staying in Knoxville last weekend for a tournament.

A police report has been filed with the Cleveland Police Department.

Officers are working with the district attorney's office to determine if any criminal offenses took place.

The incident happened Friday while both the girls and boys basketball teams were at a tournament in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The report says 12 players snuck out of their rooms around 2:00 am.

Out of those 12, five are accused of engaging in various degrees of sexual misconduct, breaking school board policy.

Those players have been suspended for five days and face additional basketball sanctions, which will be determined by the school's Activity Council.

Evie West of the Cleveland Police Department said school officials made the right call in contacting police.

"The school district has talked to the students and that is not what they are saying. They are saying that everything was consensual. And so, that's what I said there may not be any violations at all, and if there is not, then we move on past this. And if there are, we will have to address those,” West said.

Cleveland City Schools will not release any more information about the students or the case, citing student privacy laws.

Both the girls and boys basketball seasons will continue as scheduled.

It's not clear if the students will be allowed to rejoin the teams.

That decision will be up to the Activity Council.

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