UPDATE: The deputy seen kicking and punching a handcuffed man in a viral video has been suspended. 

Sheriff Jim Hammond confirmed that Deputy Blake Kilpatrick was suspended Wednesday.

If Kilpatrick is indicted, Sheriff Hammond will have to terminate him by law. If he is acquitted, they can discuss Kilpatrick being reinstated. 

Stay with Channel 3 as we learn more about this developing story. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Three county commissioners want a Hamilton County detective fired.

This comes after a video surfaced showing Det. Blake Kilpatrick punching and kicking a man in handcuffs.

This is the first time commissioners have addressed the video that surfaced nearly three weeks ago.

"I stand with my community because this directly effects me," District 5 Commissioner Katherlyn Geter said during Wednesday's meeting.

"When there are wrongdoings in our presence, it is up to us to hold people accountable," District 6 Commissioner David Sharpe also said during the meeting.

"I'm demanding that {Blake Kilpatrick} be fired," District 4 Commissioner Warren Mackey said.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond said after Wednesday's commission meeting his hands are tied while the Justice Department investigates.

"If the district attorney and the justice department tells me tomorrow there will be indictments, I'm obligated to terminate him. But I'm not going to rush to judgment based on what may be an emotional feeling. As sheriff, I can't do that," he said.

Commissioners and community members called for more minorities and training throughout the sheriff's department, something the sheriff said he's been working on for years and will continue to do.

For now, he said all he can do is wait until an independent investigation is complete.

"That is why we have to let the process work. We've got to let the wheels of justice turn the way they're supposed to," Hammond added.

Charges against Charles Toney that were connected to the arrest caught on camera were dropped in General Sessions Court Tuesday.

He still faces a drug possession charge.

We'll keep you updated with what happens.

PREVIOUS STORY: Hamilton County Commissioner Warren Mackey is calling for Hamilton County Sheriff's Detective Blake Kilpatrick be fired.

Kilpatrick is the deputy seen kicking and punching Charles Toney in a video that was seen thousands of times on Facebook.

During Wednesday's commission meeting, Commissioner Mackey spoke about the video he calls disturbing.

"We’ve spent thousands of dollars training officers," Mackey said. "This take down was not one that the man who had his hands behind his back, he was beaten and kicked unnecessarily.”

He added that the FBI has been asked to investigate.

"I’m demanding [Blake Kilpatrick] be fired. He will get his day in court but what we saw, he did not follow the rules," Mackey said.

Channel 3's Michelle Heron is at the meeting and is live tweeting.

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12:18pm- Wilson says true, ongoing training in the community. More than a week. There’s more intentional ways we can keep this going.

12:17pm- Mackey asks if there is another alternative other than charging Blake Kilpatrick.

12:16pm- Commissioner Baker is now speaking. We want to hear both sides. I don’t know enough if he should be fired but it has our full attention.

12:14pm- Commissioner Smedley is speaking. Several of us have spoken to the sheriff. There is an investigation and litigation possible. And some of us are careful because of that.

12:14pm- Commissioner Fairbanks is speaking to Wilson. “I was on my phone. I had an important meeting. I text my people letting them know I couldn’t make it because I respected what was being brought up and said.”

12:12pm- Wilson: We shouldn’t be looking for justifications of actions of officers. Kilpatrick shouldn’t represent what law enforcement is.


12:08pm- Commissioner Sharpe is now speaking. “I know there are a lot of good men and women at the Hamilton Co. Sheriff’s Department.” Sharpe: Where there is wrong-doing in our presence, we can’t be cowards. What we saw in that video is unacceptable. We should hold ourselves and those who protect us to a higher standard.

12:04pm- Geter says this is a sensitive issue. It’s too often written in our communities. When I saw the video, it upset me, it disturbed me. I have two black boys, 26 and 18. I can see my sons in that situation. I thought Lord, please do not let this be in Chattanooga.

12:02pm- Commissioner Geter just asked for Brandon to come back in.

 11:58am- Brandon Woodruff is now addressing commission, supporting Charles Toney. Says occurrences of police brutality are alarming and disturbing

11:56am - 


11:54am- Mackey: I’m demanding [Blake Kilpatrick] be fired. He will get his day in court but what we saw, he did not follow the rules.

11:53am- BREAKING: Mackey says “I demand the Hamilton County Sheriff fire that deputy.” Mackey confirms the FBI has been asked to investigate matter.

11:52am- Mackey says the video is very disturbing. “We’ve spent thousands of dollars training officers. This take down was not one that the man who had his hands behind his back, he was beaten and kicked unnecessarily.”



11:41am- Mackey calls what video shows inhuman. “It’s not right.”