The Ringgold Police Department is watching. That's the message North Georgia businesses are sending to would-be criminals, and they're sending it through stickers.

“I’m here from can to can't; we're up to seven days a week,” business owner Cindie Patty says. “I'm thankful that people are beginning to shop local.” 

Cindie Patty spends most of her time at her downtown Ringgold business. But when she's away, there is still someone watching her gift shop.

“There's an extra set of eyes on this,” says Captain Chris Faulk, with the Ringgold Police Department.

The Ringgold Police Department is keeping tabs on local storefronts by staying in close contact with business owners like Cindie.

Business owners provide personal contact information in exchange for a numbered sticker. Each sticker has a number that corresponds with their information in the database.

In the event of an after-hours emergency, police know who to call.

“It could be anything from someone breaks into a business to an alarm goes off,” says Captain Faulk.

“We can actually send a patrol car, whether it's in a neighboring county or up in Tennessee, to the owner's residence and knock on the door to get someone to give us a contact call back,” adds Captain Faulk.

Cindie has never had a problem, but welcomes the connection.

“If there is an emergency they know how to contact,” says Patty.

Raye Brooks had to do just that when a shoplifter took items from her shop a block away.

“I called up there and within 15 minutes the detective was down here,” says Brooks.

Brooks hopes to never have to make that call again, but says it's good to know police can reach her.

Officers are going door-to-door to collect business information. So far, 45 businesses have opted into the program, leaving about 45 left to sign up.

The Ringgold Police Department is working on a way to sign up online.

For now, they ask that you give the department a call at (706) 935-3066 so you can speak with an officer.

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