Some Hixson neighborhoods are on high alert after a recent burglary.

Just after four Sunday morning, Max Lindsay's surveillance video from his home in The Old Stage Run subdivision started recording because someone triggered the sensor.

“Well I saw it immediately, and I said I finally got the bad guy,” said Max Lindsay.

In the video, you can see a young man walking up trying to open his car door.

After noticing it was locked, he runs over to the next house.

“Some young man running through the neighborhood rifling through cars which happens every 12 to 15 months it seems like,” said Lindsay. “My car was locked, but I have some pictures of the guy.”

Lindsay posted his surveillance video online and received dozens on comments about it.

Towards the end of the video, you can see the guy run to a white truck and take off.

He says some of the comments suggest the vehicles used by the suspects were from a nearby neighborhood.

“Cars that were used by these young men have been stolen. Some people say that it was stolen from the Valleybrook area,” said Lindsay.

Romy Davis saw the video and was shocked.

She says she thought the area was safe.

Davis has a message for the guys who have been trying to steal on her street.

“I would say get a job, and get your own stuff,” said Romy Davis. “Get your hands off of other people's property.”

Davis and Lindsay encourage everyone to be mindful of the burglary attempts and take action.

“Lock your cars, and be vigilant. Don't leave any items in your car,” said Davis.