Red Bank City officials say the Ashland Terrace project has been postponed yet again.

The city of red bank started construction on a culvert along Ashland Terrace that was supposed to take 45 days.

That project has now been postponed twice due to weather conditions.

Our Channel 3 Storm Alert Team says November was colder than normal and we experienced more rain.

Concrete experts say those conditions create issues that could delay a successful project.

“That initial rain factor then you have the next day or couple of days because it's colder. That evaporation isn't occurring, and the soil is still muddy,” said Justin Cox.

Justin Cox is not associated with the project on Ashland Terrace, but he's had years of experience pouring concrete.

He says weather can be unpredictable and can cause major delays to a project.

“We open up the soil, then it rains,” said Cox. “Even though we came to a solid base, now that rainy weather has disturbed what we just have done.”

Cox says to have a successful project crews have to wait for areas to dry out.

Even temperatures must be at a certain point to ensure the concrete will set.

“Temperature holds high enough in the 40s and 50s we should be able to pour,” said Cox. “If the weather temperatures are fine and there's a chance for rain, do we pour when rain is coming in?”

Cox says doing projects in the summer makes the process faster, but he understands the delays.

“It's no fun to stand around because we are not getting paid,” said Cox. “But, if we move forward just to get a job done we are going to compromise the integrity of the structure or that road.”

Tim Thornbury with the city of Red Bank says the project will be complete by January 4th.