In the past four months, one Polk county family has had their vehicles set on fire multiple times, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

According to an arrest report obtained by Channel 3, Kenneth Bice and Graylon Newman are the men behind setting 4 of the family’s cars on fire.

Brice and Newman are charged with conspiracy to commit setting fire to personal property or land, vandalism and setting fire to personal land or property or arson.

The homeowner says she used to work for Bice as a housekeeper.

The arrest report says Bice and Newman had a lighter and were dressed in camo with Newman smelling of gasoline.

The owner says she doesn't know why she is being targeted but says this has taken a toll on her family.

The homeowner said, "It's not just affected me, it's affected my grandchildren, my children, my daughter-in-law, it's affected, my whole entire family."

A family who say they stand behind their grandmother.

Her daughter-in-law says her car was one of the vehicles burned.

The homeowner’s daughter-in-law said, "There were no limits when it came to letting her borrow our vehicle. It didn't matter."

Both Bice and Newman are out on bond.

The daughter-in-law says that this worries the family, but they will remain strong.

We are working to find out when Bice and Newman will be in court.