Saturday was Wreaths Across America where volunteers placed wreaths on the tombstones of our fallen soldiers.

"These men and women out here, they volunteered. They volunteered to protect this country, to serve this country, to offer their lives for this country if need be. And that's a debt that honestly can't be repaid,” volunteer Michal Suggs said.

This is his second year laying wreaths across the graves of fallen servicemen and women.

He was prompted to do it again after last year's ceremonies touched his heart.

"When you come out here, you get a wreath and you take it to the tombstone. You place it. You straighten it. You make sure the bow is right. And you say that person’s name. Family or not, they are never forgotten,” Suggs said.

He personally didn't serve, but his father and several other family members have, which makes this day even more important to him.

"That's what this is about. It's not about decorating a grave or decorating a cemetery, it's about honoring and remembering a hero," Suggs explained.

And volunteers said this is the best time of year to honor those who gave so much.

"This is perfect, time of family, time of joy. These men and women are no longer with us, but as long as we remember them, as long as we speak their name, they are never forgotten, and they're always a part of our family. And they will always live right here,” Suggs said.