A jail medical report reveals why there was conflicting information about the severity of Charles Toney's injuries after he was arrested last week, which was caught on camera.

That medical report from the jail supports Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond's statement saying no injuries were noted when Toney was being booked.

But Toney's attorney, Lee Merritt, said his client was not thoroughly checked.

Toney’s mug shot from that day shows cuts and bruises to his face, but he said he had more injuries.
“I mean, it is right there. The evidence is right there,” Toney said.

Merritt shared Toney’s medical reports from Parkridge Hospital during a sit-down interview with Channel 3 on Friday. Toney was treated at Parkridge the day after he was released from jail. A doctor noted Toney had a collapsed lung, road rash and a broken nose. He followed up with a doctor in Nashville, who noted a broken finger.

But a spokesperson for the sheriff's office said those injuries were not noted by the nurse who checked Toney out at the jail.

“The reason why their nurse would not have been able to observe any injuries from Mr. Toney other than the bruises and contusions to his face is because she doesn't have X-ray vision and she didn't perform any X-ray,” said Merritt.
Channel 3 obtained a copy of the jail report.

It does not note any injuries but said Toney reported having pain in his teeth or mouth.
“He repeatedly said that his breathing was labored and that he was in a great deal of pain and that he wanted to be treated,” Merritt said. “The nurse said you're fine and gave him some ibuprofen.”

Sheriff Hammond also said Toney was in an accident before his arrest, but the report from the jail does not reflect that. Merritt said his client was told that if he said he was in a car accident, he could see a doctor, so he said he was when asked by the nurse.

There are no documents showing an accident occurred.