Fights have broken out at various schools in the Tennessee Valley over the last few days.

Several people have been arrested following fights at Brainerd High School and East Ridge High School in Hamilton County and Heritage High School in Catoosa County.

The fight at Brainerd occurred Wednesday.

Chattanooga police say Ebony Russell was one of the five people involved in the fight.

Court documents say a student called her three sisters to tell them another group of females wanted to fight.

Police say someone let the sisters inside the school.

When a school resource officer responded to the brawl, he pepper-sprayed three of the suspects.

Three juveniles and Russell were arrested. The other adult involved in the fight, Talaya Parrish, was taken to an area hospital. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.

One student was arrested after a fight at East Ridge High School this week.

Two students were involved in the fight. The second was picked up by a parent.

Hamilton County Schools spokesperson Tim Hensley explained that no one was taken to the hospital from the school.

A fight Thursday at Heritage High School ended with a student needing 23 stitches.

Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk said the fight happened in the boys bathroom.

Principal Bradford sent the following statement about the fight to Channel 3:

Basically, two of our students had exchanged obscene gestures on Wednesday afternoon in the school parking lot. The next morning they agreed to meet in the bathroom to settle the issue and invited their friends to come and watch them fight. The video shows what happened in the bathroom with one student hitting the other student.

I became aware of the incident immediately when the injured student was brought to me by another student reporting that he had fallen in the restroom and hurt himself. We treated the student with the injury in our nurse's station and called his grandmother to come and get him to take him to the hospital for treatment.

After investigating we discovered that the student had not been injured in a fall as he had reported. We used the school camera system to identify witnesses and determine what had happened. The incident was reported to our School Resource Officer who started to investigate further yesterday afternoon. Yesterday afternoon we also became aware of the video taken of the incident and social media posts of the video.

The student who threw the punch was disciplined based on the Catoosa County Schools Student Code of Conduct.

Bradford added that a freshman has been charged with aggravated battery.

The victim also had a concussion.

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