A love letter that was written by a veteran in 1954 was discovered in an aisle of a Dalton Walmart and eventually returned to the veteran’s family.

A press release from Walmart says the 64-year-old letter was found a few weeks ago by store associate Dakota Lovain at the store's location on West Walnut Avenue.

The letter was written by Max Holcomb to his sweetheart Martha during Holcomb’s service with the United States Air Force.

In the letter, Max not only talked about how anxious he was to return home in about two weeks, he also asks Martha’s parents for her hand in marriage.

Lovain, who is a member of the National Guard, was determined to find the rightful owners of the letter but was deployed before he could do so.

The release says Lovain’s coworker Jennifer Hendrix picked up where Lovain left off and found the owner, Jason Holcomb, Max and Martha’s grandson.

“Sadly, both Martha and Max are deceased,” Hendrix says. “But through Max’s obituary, we found their grandson Jason who was raised by them.”

On Friday, Holcomb and Hendrix will be at Walmart Neighborhood Market at 98 West Walnut Avenue to share the letter and pictures of his grandparent.

The event begins at 1:30pm.

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