The picture below is a little fuzzy, but the suspect has left us a few additional clues to his identity. Investigators say he did not get anything from the house from which the video comes, however he did go on to burglarize at least one vehicle the same evening. Up to $1,000 is up for grabs if you know who he is.

"I usually don't get it where they steal the camera," said Chattanooga Police Detective Brad Brown. "Most the time they don't even notice the camera." So, this week's case may have one think, in theory, the bad guys are wising up. In practice, you will see, that is not so much the case.

In North Chattanooga, in the overnight hours of November 29th, investigators say the guy shown in the video was up to no good. Investigators may call him a would-be burglar at the home from which the video comes, because he did not leave with anything. He apparently tries to not leave us with much as he rings the doorbell and puts his hand over the camera. "Like he's covering it up and he may be checking to see if anybody's home," said Det. Brown. "Like, ringing the doorbell, which is common for people to do the check to see if someone's home. Then he left and I mean just a second later, he walks back and grabs the camera. I guess he thinks the coast is clear. Nobody came to the door."

Instead of going undetected, though, he gave us yet an even closer look at something that could surely single him out. "He has a distinctive tattoo on his hand with some initials," Brown explained. It appears to be on the inside of a finger and on the hand he used to grab the camera, no less. "You know, this guy observed the camera on one of the neighbors doorbells and went and took that camera thinking that would prevent us from being able to see him," Det. Brown continued. "But, little did he know that it's in the cloud, so we've got his image."

Now, so do you, and one more clue: he reportedly came and went on a scooter. That may indicate he lives in the North Chattanooga area. "People aren't known to really take those (scooters) great distances to make these type of crimes," Brown said, "and you can't really carry that much on a scooter. So, I'm thinking he might just be trying to grab money and small objects as he could and, you know. If he's getting several vehicles, he might be running back home and back to there. So, I'm thinking he might live in the area."

If you have put the clues together and know who we are looking for, you are very close to a Christmas bonus. The suspect will never find out you put him on the naughty list because we will never ask for your name. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

That line is manned 24/7.