If this guy has not yet bragged about this crime, this is going to require you to do some detective work to get in on our reward. Pay attention to the suspect, his clothing, and the vehicle in which he was riding. We have Crime Stoppers cash for your good information.

A surveillance camera captured the entire frightening encounter. "On Black Friday, about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a suspect entered Little Caesars on Highway 58 and immediately demanded money," explained Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller.

Even with no audio, you can plainly see what is happening. "He implied that he had a weapon," Sgt. Miller added. "We don't see any weapons on the video but he did imply that he had a weapon."

The clerk complied with the bad guy's wishes, just as she should have, and within seconds the armed robbery was over. "Very quick," Miller agreed. "The video clip that we have is less than 30 seconds. He goes in the store gets the money and exits the store."

This is where he tried to outsmart investigators, eyewitnesses foiled his plan. "He flees the Little Caesars on foot and then he runs to a church nearby and it looks like the getaway vehicle is at the church," said Sgt. Miller.

It was a black Chevy Suburban or Tahoe and he hopped in to the passenger's side, so on this day he had himself a driver. "The suspect appears to be a white male approximately 5'7", 5'8", Miller described. "He's medium build, wearing blue jeans and he has a hoodie on." He also wore sunglasses and tied a blue bandana over his face.

If you can match his attire with the getaway truck, you could be in for some easy cash. Or, maybe you were the getaway driver and did not your half of the loot. Let our reward dollars make up the difference. "A lot of the times with Crime Stoppers, it's friends and family," said Miller. "The suspect has told someone. They may not have witnessed a crime, but we know that criminals like to share their stories. So, if they told you about it, call in to Crime Stoppers. They'll never know that you called."

The number is: 698-3333

That line is always manned and we will never ask for your name.