Millions of kids will track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, but you may not know that they can see what's going on in the days leading up to Christmas. The two most popular Santa trackers are all new this year.

Google's new Santa Tracker is already up and running with games and artwork, learning a new language and even computer coding and geography. Kids probably won't realize they're learning something. Google's new design is laid out so young kids can figure it out all by themselves. Of course, it works much better on a larger touchscreen like an iPad. There's a teacher's guide and lesson plans. Lots of fun things to do in the days leading up to the big day. On Christmas Eve, kids can track where Santa is on his flight. There is an app, but only for Android devices. But Google's Santa Tracker works on any browser.

NORAD, the agency that's been tracking Santa Claus for what seems like forever, redesigned its entire website. Now there are games and music from the Air Force Academy Band. Games are laid out like an Advent Calendar. Open a new one every day. NORAD began tracking Santa 60 years ago, and parents, there's a fascinating story on the site of the mistake that evolved into one of the most exciting moments of Christmas Eve. NORAD'S Santa Tracker is in every language, and if you have young children, this is the tracker to use.

For the past few years, Santa's Reindeer Cam has been set up at the North Pole that kids can visit to see live video from a North Pole security camera. Twice a day, Santa comes to feed the reindeer. Kids can sign up to be on the nice list, and there's a ticker at the bottom of the screen with names on the nice list. Reindeer Cam also has a newly designed app this year for iPhones and Android devices where you can watch live streams of multiple camera angles.

All three Santa websites are live now.