Thousands of people in the Channel 3 viewing area were awakened by a shake from two small earthquakes and two aftershocks Wednesday morning.

The epicenters were located in Decatur, Tennessee.

Within minutes of the earthquake, the Channel 3 newsroom was flooded with phone calls and Facebook messages from people concerned by the shaking.

Emileigh Brady says the trembles created an unexpected start to her morning.

The Brady family was sleeping until Emileigh's dog, River, woke her up around 3:00 am.

“She wanted to come inside, which was kind of unlike her because she likes being outside in the cold. So, I let her in, and she was freaking out,” Emileigh Brady said.

A few minutes later, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake also out of Decatur began shaking things up.

Brady, who lives about 30 miles away in Cleveland, said it felt like it lasted for a couple of minutes.

She talked to several people in the area who felt the same impact.

“To think that it spreads that far,” Brady said. “I've got some friends in South Carolina that said they felt a little bit of it last night too. It's just insane how huge it was.”

She said at first she didn't know where the vibrations were coming from.

“The entire house started shaking, and it kind of sounded like a train was coming through the windows. It was pretty loud,” Brady explained.

Brady's home was not damaged during the earthquakes.

She said she heard some rattling, but nothing fell off the shelves.

“I could almost see the walls moving like this, and that was kind of freaky,” Brady said.

Law enforcement agencies say there were no injuries from this earthquake, and minor damages to property were reported.