The Humane Educational Society is hoping to find forever homes for the animals rescued from a Rhea County home back in October.

A criminal investigation is still not complete.

About 100 dogs were confiscated from the home. Twenty-eight of those 100 dogs were taken to Hamilton County's animal shelter for treatment.

Twenty-three have been adopted, leaving five. They are considered to have suffered the most trauma.

Jeanine Cloyd shows Gracie, one of the five dogs left at the Humane Educational Society that were living in what authorities call filthy conditions.

Gracie survived, but is missing her bottom jaw.

Cloyd says she isn't sure Gracie and her four friends will ever fully recover.

"They are not just a cute little fluffy dog that anybody is going to take home and you know, be a sweet little dog to adopt,” Cloyd says. 

"And so could you imagine living in a square box? They've never felt the kindness of a human before," Cloyd says.

The Humane Educational Society posted on Facebook Monday, hoping to find Gracie and the other four a home for the holidays.

They have special medical needs and behavioral issues. But the outpouring of support from Chattanooga has volunteers hopeful they will find a home. 

"When they all come together, it gives you a warm feeling that humanity can be pretty wonderful," Cloyd says.

Cloyd says caring for the dogs will be a challenging experience, but is worth it in every way. 

"Like I said, it takes a special adopter that really wants to save a dog and understand that it's going to be a bit of a challenge; but, boy is it worth it in the end,” Cloyd says.

You have to apply to adopt Gracie or one of the other dogs at the Humane Educational Society.

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