A detective at the center of a viral video is also at the center of a lawsuit stemming from a 2017 car chase that ended in the violent death of the suspect.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office Detective Blake Kilpatrick was seen in a video punching and kicking a suspect in handcuffs. The Hamilton County District Attorney's Office has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the case. 

Kilpatrick has been assigned to desk duty during the investigation.

In the 2017 incident, Kilpatrick was involved in a car chase that went through Hamilton and Sequatchie counties, with 29-year-old Christopher Sexton at the wheel.

Police say Sexton had violated a protection order to stay away from family members.

Sexton truck was run off the road near the Sequoyah Crossing Plaza. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said that Sexton got out of his truck brandishing a gun and pointed that gun in the direction of the deputies. Sexton was then shot and killed by police. 

Channel 3 obtained the lawsuit filed against Kilpatrick following the deadly shooting of Sexton.

The filing documents say that Sexton was shot multiple times in the back by deputies, and perhaps was even shot after his death.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Sexton was handcuffed so "tightly and aggressively" that the devices cut into his skin.

Kilpatrick is one of six law enforcement officers named in the $40 million lawsuit.

A spokesperson for the Hamilton County District Attorney's Office says the shooting was ruled justified.